Honest Angus Beef & Berkshire Pork

Our Meats

At Mill Brook Farm, our meats are 100% pure Registered Berkshire Pork and Black Angus beef. Our Registered Berkshire Pork are reared on a diet of non-GMO feed from Green Mountain feeds and the grasses of our fields on the banks of Mill Brook. Our Black Angus Beef are raised exclusively on our own Mill Brook Farm fields. The purity of this approach translates to purity on your plate.


Our pork is 100% Registered Berkshire.

The American Berkshire Association was founded in 1875.  Berkshires produce a whole carcass that is well marbled.  It is consistently sweet, tender, juicy and palatable.  When consumers want pork that tastes good, the American Berkshire above all others is their favorite, not only in the United States but also the foreign market.

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Our beef is Certified Black Angus. 

Black Angus beef, raised on our own pastures & grass. Pure and simple.



Packages & Custom Orders




2 lbs. sweet Italian pork sausage links
4 lbs. ground beef {in 1 lb. packages}
3 lbs. pork spare ribs
1 lb. hot Italian sausage links
2 lbs. bratwurst pork sausage links

3 lbs. bone-in loin chops

3 lbs. London broil

Your package will contain a minimum of 18 lbs. of meat. Due to packaging of the individual cuts some selections may be slightly over or under the amount stated.


Whole & Half Pig Orders

Mill Brook Farm is proud to offer customers the chance to purchase whole and half pigs, cut to our specifications. With a mix of cuts, the ability to add on maple cured, hickory smoked bacon and a variety of sausages, this is one of the best ways to purchase and enjoy Mill Brook Farm's 100% Registered Berkshire Pork.


Build to suit your needs and preferences


custom package
$ varies


We can also assemble a custom package to your specifications, ranging from ground meats to sausages to various beef and pork cuts. 


Wholesale Price List

Ground Pork {bulk packages} $7.40/lb.

Ground Sausages {bulk packages} $7.70/lb

Sausage Patties- 4 oxo round *  $8.70/lb.

Sausage Links {large, 4 per lb.}*  $10.25/lb.

Sausage Links {small, 10-12 per lb.}*   $11.25/lb.

Smoked Bacon   $10.90/lb.

Center Cut Loin Chops  $8.25/lb.

Pork Tenderloin  $8.70/lb.

Sirloin Cutlets  $8.40/lb.

Spare Ribs   $7.50/lb.

Baby Back Ribs  $7.75/lb.

Boneless Strip Loin $17.00/lb.

Brisket $7.50/lb.

Burger $6.50/lb.

Burger Patties $7.50/lb.

Delmonico $17.00/lb.

Flank Steak $10.75/lb.

Flat Iron $8.00/lb.

Stew Meat $6.50/lb.

Sirloin Tips $7.25/lb.

Tenderloin $19.50/lb.

Top Round Steak $7.25/lb.

* choice of seasoning: breakfast, maple breakfast, sweet or hot italian, kielbasa or bratwurst

All meats processed & packaged at USDA facilities. All cuts are frozen, unless arranged. Other cuts available upon request.